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Hong Kong, Taiwan team up to target US tourists

Hong Kong and Taiwan have actually joined forces to attract more tourists to visit both locations in the exact same trip.


The tourism boards of the 2 locations, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB), have actually formed a new partnership that will target the US outgoing market, with the objective of drawing in more American leisure tourists to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The United States is the largest long-haul visitor source market for both Hong Kong and Taiwan, and these trans-Pacific ties are being boosted by a series of brand-new air travels between the United States and both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Presently there are more than 200 weekly flight connections in between the United States and Taiwan/Hong Kong, and this is expected to increase 6.5 % in 2016.


Structure on this momentum, the new multi-destination effort will aim to convince American travelers to go to both locations in a single journey. The two markets are connected by more than 60 day-to-day flights.

According to our study, 92 % of visitors from the US showing up in Hong Kong wish to go to other destinations on the exact same trip, said HKTB’s executive director, Anthony Lau. The trend of multi-destination travel in Asia has been acquiring value in recent years, as tourists wish to get the most out of each trip. We are confident that this cooperation in between Hong Kong and Taiwan will assist draw more visitors to Asia and drive our mutual business.


TTB s deputy director-general, Dr Wayne Liu, commented; Data shows that over the last few years the United States arrivals [have] been enhancing steadily, and the growth was the fastest amongst all long run markets in the last year. This recommends that travelling to Taiwan has actually currently sparked interest amongst American tourists.


With the enhancing of direct air travels in between United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong, we believe by joining hands with Hong Kong, promoting a full Asia experience in one single trip could draw in more American visitors. We are confident that this would soon become their top choice for travel to Asia, he included.


The two traveler boards said they wish to focus on the east-meets-west culture of Hong Kong, in addition to the city’s world class culinary scene. Taiwan’s excellent regional food and living culture will be highlighted in the promotions.

The setting, lifestyle and food culture of Hong Kong and Taiwan are complementary to each other and captivate lots of visitors, they included.